Jim Young`s interest & connection with the roots of live music spans many years...with many a challenge passing his way. .

Throughout the years, Jim has been aware that many Artists, find themselves with  an end product of their project, over produced and not sounding like they would like .....Yes many arguements  as to how & why, but always a costly process....


Recent years have brought about options to many, like recording in their home studio by Mates and well meaning helpers.

...Again ... how many end up disillusioned ,due to the input of  too many ideas as to how the finished product with technology awash should sound. .Not  quite what the artist really wanted...with time wasted  and dissatisfied musicians.


Sunofagun has been  created as a challenge  to prove a point, where artists are welcome to achieve the most satisfying results in a pleasnt  location by proffesionals who will work with the artist.. for those invited after their request ,to record at Sunofagun.

Sunofagun Studio

Studio 1 Studio 2

Retro at Sunofagun...means....


A facility ,specializing in live recording in house, of a standard not easy to come by in the UK..Those warm retro edged sounds of warmth retained.


Achieved by...

A purpose built  Live room with acoustics that form the heart of  those lovely warm sounds ,.Using the finest tube Mics & pre-amps to the final media,.. Without over production , losing  all identity of the artist.,where the core elements are lost.

Along with the ears not shot away by excessive volume abuse. We aim to ensure the retention of those warm  sounds with which you wish to be associated.


A mix with  minimal processing to ensure a job that will , as we have proved from the start , produce a sound, and complete satisfying recording to the finished product that will be the most satisfying  experience for the artist


Sample Recordings Here